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Premium Defibrinated Blood

Premium Defibrinated Blood

AEB recognises the need of whole blood users for the freshest possible blood to ensure optimum bacterial growth characteristics and haemolytic reactions.

AEB's defibrinated blood products are produced to meet the high standards of quality and maximum shelf life demanded by users. AEB maintains its own farms where herd of selected horses from which all the horse blood is collected. This ensures that comprehensive records are kept of each horse's history and the quality and quantity of blood obtained from each individual animal. Further by having its own dedicated herd AEB can closely monitor the health of all the animals in the herd, thereby ensuring all blood collected meets our stringent quality requirements.

Bleeding takes place on a weekly basis under the controlled and direct supervision of skilled personnel.

Aseptic techniques are stringently adhered to. The blood collected from individual animals is then pooled and dispensed into various pack sizes the same day.



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